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Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Plumbing Services

Everyone Deserves to Live in Comfort and Safety

Full-Service HVAC Repairs. Installations, and Maintenance

An accurate diagnostic is the first step in deciding what is best for you and your family's individual needs. Speagle Mechanical does not believe in high pressure sales; once our technician determines what needs repair or replacement, we will help you select the best, most energy-efficient options for your home.

Contact us today for more details or to discuss your heating and air-conditioning needs. Emergency service is available for both heating and cooling, so no matter what time of year your system is giving you trouble, we'll ensure you and your family are perfectly comfortable.

Upgrade Your Air-Conditioning System Today

Experience the benefits of modern air conditioning with the latest cooling systems on the market. The experienced team at Speagle Mechanical will work with you directly to understand your needs and help you choose a quality system. Our energy-efficient systems can help you save a ton of money on energy bills!

Our cooling system services include:

  • Air duct repair, replacement, and installation
  • Air-conditioning diagnostic and repair
  • Code correction
  • Compressor replacement
  • Condenser relocation
  • Refrigerant (Freon) leak locating and repair
  • Add NC to central heat system
  • Dehumidifier
  • Emergency services
  • Computer server room
  • Ductless air conditioner (mini split heat pump)services
  • Nest thermostats
  • Window & Through-the-wall A/C units

Keep Cozy and Warm With Our Heating Services

At Speagle Mechanical, we strive to provide you with the exceptional heating system repairs and installations you need to keep yourself and your family nice and warm. We'll do an in-depth analysis of your home's heating needs and help you choose the right system to maximize your comfort.

Let us take care of all your heating needs, including the diagnostics, repairs, replacements, and installations of:

  • Electric heater
  • Baseboard heater
  • Package unit
  • Mini split
  • Wall and floor furnace
  • Radiant heat
  • Steam boilers
  • Central heat ductwork
  • Solar thermal combination
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