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There are a few common questions we receive all the time here at Speagle Mechanical. Read through the information below to get helpful tips regarding some typical HVAC concerns. Contact us for more information or to schedule a service. Emergency service is available!

Speagle Mechanical recommends a pleated disposable filter above all others, it should be replaced at least once a year, and at least twice a year if you have air conditioning. Some systems will require filter changes more than that, but a general rule of thumb is if it looks grey or dirty, then it should be replaced.

Why not a washable? While I am conscientious about the landfill problem I still prefer the pleated disposable filter. There is the blue fiberglass filter that is super inexpensive, however it does little to filter allergens and small particles. A hog hair washable also has that downside. An electrostatic filter is expensive and really restrictive. If you don’t clean it frequently enough, it will get clogged leading to massive inefficiencies and in air conditioners it can cause the coil icing.

If the air that comes out the supply registers is dusty enough to cause you respiratory issues, then it is more likely the filter that is causing problems. We believe that if a supply air duct is dirty enough to require duct cleaning, then it is probably better to replace the affected duct with a brand new one which we know will be clean. Same with a furnace; if the blower wheel is caked with dust, then the furnace is almost certainly more than 20 years old.

In the best of situations a furnace can be safe for 30 years after installation, but that is a furnace that had thorough service performed on it every year. If you are lucky, no part of your furnace will ever break. However, the typical furnace that gets neglected after installation because it is in a rental or is merely just forgotten, might only last a few years before it breaks down for the first time.

There is no best when it comes to furnaces or air conditioning condensers. Furnace manufacture companies frequently buy out and merge, so I don’t know who makes what, it is always changing. We currently sell Coleman which is now made by York. In addition all the components are made by others and are found in many of the competitors’ equipment.

I have the skills to install any furnace, but we provide and install Coleman. We only honor the warranty of equipment we have previously installed. However, regardless of whomever installed the equipment, the brand and duration of the warranty, you are only covered for the price of the affected part. Diagnostic and labor fees will apply to your furnace repair unless I installed it within the last year or gave you an extended warranty.

I’m sorry, we don’t do that. We will only install the equipment that we provide for you in a bid price, nor do we work by the hour. I believe you are looking for someone to do “side work.” As far as I know, no professional company will do what you ask. Also, when you hire someone to do side work, you are participating in a crime.

The manufacturer will recommend that you replace your water heater when the warranty is expired, which is usually 6 years. Our policy is to abide by what the manufacturer recommends.
Your old water heater may have heated water for 30 years, but at most the warranty was for 12 years. For the 18 years following, your water heater has been operating under risky circumstances. A storage tank water heater combines water, gas, fire, pressure and carbon monoxide, this isn’t something you neglect for 30 years without taking a risk on your property and personal safety.

Top Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Home

Speagle Mechanical offers a variety of products and services that can help make your home greener. Some options include:

  • Greywater system installation to use recycled water on your lawn
  • Heating and cooling system efficiency checks and upgrades
  • Energy-efficient products
    • Water heaters
    • Furnaces
    • Air conditioners
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